Global healthcare update - March 2021

Welcome to our global healthcare update for 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge for healthcare professionals globally. It has brought with it a renewed focus and belief in better use of technology.

In this global update Kennedys' medical malpractice specialists from 16 jurisdictions across the globe discuss the operational and digital response of healthcare organisations and providers, to the pandemic. It is clear the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote delivery of healthcare, via ‘telemedicine’, often by way of ‘teleconsultations’. With countries at various stages of that journey, we consider the risks and opportunities that this transition presents and how it may alter the claims landscape.

We also assess the current and potential future impact of COVID-19, as well as considering other key developments for the year ahead.

I hope you enjoy reading this global update and welcome your feedback.

Christopher Malla
Global Head of Healthcare

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