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Dive In Festival 2018

Dive In is the multi-award winning festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance, run by Inclusion@Lloyd’s.

Although the festival is over for another year, the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector remains front and centre. Dive In has again continued to help insurance get fit for the future, highlighting the business case for diverse and inclusive workplaces and providing practical ideas and inspiration for how to bring about positive change. With more than 9,000 people attending in excess of 115 events in over 50 cities in 27 countries around the world, this year's festival has been an incredible success, and the energy of the festival will be harnessed to encourage action across the sector.

Kennedys is very proud to have been able to support and participate in such an important, and successful, initiative. See you at Dive In 2019!


With 2018 being its fourth year, the Dive In Festival celebrated diversity and inclusion in insurance, across the globe, by providing people with understanding, knowledge and the tools to implement positive change. Its mission is simply to advance diversity and inclusion across the insurance sector.

An initiative of Inclusion@Lloyd’s, a cross market collaboration of C-suite executives and industry associations driving the strategic push for greater diversity in the Lloyd’s market, Dive In is the sector’s only international D&I festival that runs concurrently in multiple organisations across all continents, representing every corner of the industry, from the smallest brokers to the largest multi-national companies. The festival raises awareness and builds momentum, it helps promote a different view of insurance to a variety of stakeholders and to prospective employees both within and outside the industry.

Kennedys was proud to be the official global gold-level partner of this year’s festival.

We were also very pleased to be able to support the festival further, through an additional local gold level sponsorship in Singapore, and providing sponsorship assistance in the United States, locally, in Chicago, Miami, New York and Philadelphia.

The 2018 festival introduced the theme of Awareness into Action, and in its milestone 5th year, in 2019, Dive In focused on translating action into measurable impact.

Local Voice, Global Impact

After five successful years of raising awareness of the business case for diversity and inclusion, and moving from action into measuring and reporting impact, this year the festival will focus on a theme of ‘Local Voice, Global Impact’, aiming to engage local voices around the world to create a global impact on inclusion. Particular focus will be given this year to the shared experience of a global lockdown and its impact on diversity and inclusion. The festival will concentrate on the importance of the collaborative action on 'local voices' to create a 'global impact' on inclusion.

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You can find out more about some of the highlights of the 2018 festival in the Resources section of the Dive In website.

Kennedys was also directly involved in a number of events, around the world, including:

  • Alex Potts (Partner, Bermuda) spoke at the ‘Legislation & Behaviours Around Diversity & Inclusion’ event (on Tuesday, September 25 at AIG in Hamilton).
  • We hosted the ‘CEO Thought Leadership: What Leaders Need to Do’ invitation-only event (on Wednesday, 26 September in our London office). Partner and Head of Latin America & Caribbean practice, Alex Guillamont, welcomed attendees to this event on behalf of the firm.
  • Suzanne Liversidge (Managing Partner, Sheffield) was on the panel of the ‘Perceptions of Success’ event (Wednesday, 26 September at Beazley in London).
  • Joanna Young (Partner, New York) spoke at 'Awareness into Action: Courageous Conversations and Allyship’ (on Wednesday, September 26 at AIG in New York).
  • We hosted the 'BAME: Breaking down barriers around career progression' event (on Thursday, 27 September in our Manchester office)

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