The future of healthtech: a global perspective

Technological advancements offer significant opportunities and benefits in the delivery of healthcare, but also present new and significant risks for the healthcare sector.

In May 2021 we launched our Healthtech in the future – the legal ramifications report, with developments in healthtech and emerging risks for the healthcare sector explored through the lens of the current legal and regulatory framework in the United Kingdom.

Now in this global update Kennedys’ medical malpractice specialists across the globe consider the extent to which healthtech will challenge the underlying basis of the legal obligations currently owed by clinicians and healthcare providers, as well as exploring cyber and data privacy risks for the healthcare sector globally.

Providing unique insights into the existing legislative and regulatory landscape in their jurisdictions - and the extent to which change will be required - we also identify where healthtech related claims are starting to emerge and offer recommendations to help mitigate against potential risks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the adoption of technological developments in healthcare and highlighted its potential wider application. 

Christopher Malla
Global Head of Healthcare

Hristopher Malla Square
The use of healthtech will inevitably continue to increase, develop and evolve and having the right framework will be essential.