Kennedys CPD Day 2023 - Hybrid Seminars

We are delighted to host Kennedys Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Day on 5 October 2023. The seminars will be conducted both virtually and in person at Kennedys office. For each session offered on the day, 1 CPD point has been applied from The Law Society of Hong Kong.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to our events team at Please be aware that seating for in-person sessions is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Time: 09:30 - 10:30 (HKT) 

Ricky Wu, Of Counsel, Kennedys
Chantel Pang, Of Counsel, Kennedys 

Doctors are facing a record-high number of medico-legal claims and complaints to date. There are many channels where a patient can air his/her disgruntlement against a doctor. But the two legal proceedings that are most frequently faced by doctors after a medico-legal event remain to be a civil litigation in Court and Medical Council disciplinary proceedings.

In this seminar, we will focus on discussing what it means to be “sued in Court” and “complained of to the Medical Council” by discussing their different legal standards, outcomes, modes of resolution and their respective average shelf-lives, despite they arise from the same set of facts. We will also touch upon other legal proceedings that doctor may be subject to, including death inquest and criminal proceedings. Finally, we shall share practical tips on what a doctor may do after the occurrence of a medico-legal incident that may better safeguard his/her interest.

Time: 11:00 - 12:00 (HKT)

Richard Bates, Partner, Kennedys
Clara Li, Of Counsel, Kennedys

A departing employee can seriously harm the business of their former employer if they are able to utilise confidential information and business contacts and connections of their former employer for the benefit of a new employer or to set up a competing business. 

A well-drafted set of post termination of employment restrictions (PTRs) will serve to protect the legitimate interests of an employer and deter breaches by a departing employee.

This seminar will provide an overview of the main types of PTRs included in employment contracts (including non-compete and non-solicitation of clients/customers and employees), provide drafting tips on how to improve the enforceability of PTRs and discuss recent case law with a particular focus on how these issues apply in an insurance industry context. 

Time: 12:45 - 13:45 (HKT)

Meiling Yip, Partner, Kennedys
Wilson Tam, Partner, Kennedys

Many changes have been brought by the Court to the casualty claims practice in Hong Kong, from the emphasis of arranging single joint medical expert to the risk of bearing costs by the solicitors personally when pursuing unmeritorious claims. We will talk about how these changes have affected the way of handling casualty claims from the defendant’s perspective. We will also provide some quick updates on some interesting recent cases.

Time: 14:30 - 15:30 (HKT)

Rudy Chung, Partner, Kennedys
Bertha Ng, Of Counsel, Kennedys

On 26 October 2022, the Legislative Council passed the Mainland Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (Reciprocal Enforcement) Ordinance (the Ordinance). The Ordinance (once it is in operation) is expected to provide a more effective and efficient mechanism for the enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters between the Mainland and Hong Kong.

This seminar will provide an overview on: (a) the current ways to enforce a Mainland judgment in Hong Kong and their limitations: (b) how the Ordinance is likely to operate; and (c) how the Ordinance may affect litigation with cross-border elements and the insurance industry in particular.

Time: 16:00 - 17:00 (HKT)

Joanie Ko, Partner, Kennedys

This seminar will provide an overview of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), current disclosure requirements in Hong Kong, and the implications for directors and other professionals. Attendees will gain insights into the duties of directors under the Companies Ordinance, the responsibilities of boards of directors under the Main Board Listing Rules, and the obligations of fund managers under the SFC Fund Manager Code. The seminar will highlight risks associated with ESG for directors and officers, including shareholder claims, regulatory investigations, penalties, supply chain issues, and employment claims.

The seminar will discuss the proposed standards and requirements such as the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Climate Standard and the HKEx Consultation paper and additionally shed light on global litigation trends, such as climate change litigation and the issue of greenwashing.