The Building Safety Bill – factsheet

The Building Safety Bill (the Bill) was introduced to the House of Commons on 5 July 2021, just over four years since the Grenfell Tower disaster. Royal Assent is expected to be given to the Bill in July 2022.

The Bill represents the UK Government’s efforts to introduce a strengthened regulatory regime for high-rise residential buildings (also termed as “higher-risk buildings”). The government is hoping that the Bill will, in time, improve accountability, risk-management and assurance within the high-rise building industry.

It is beyond doubt that the Bill represents a seismic shift in the regulation of every stage of a high rise building, from design and construction to occupation. As such, property developers, contractors, building-owners, landlords and managing agents will need to take proactive steps to align their fire and structural safety systems and procedures with the more stringent requirements imposed by the Bill.

In our latest factsheet, our experts explore how the Bill will impact every stage of a higher-risk buildings life, from planning, design, construction to occupation and management.

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