Global healthcare: quantum comparison report - February 2020

In recent years, developments in the law have given rise to escalating damage awards. Healthcare costs have also increased exponentially over the last decade, with larger future cost of care awards increasing the total amount of the claim.

The combined effect of increased care costs and new heads of loss has led to damages awards in cases involving catastrophically injured claimants in England to reach £20 million plus. Interestingly, damages awards for the same injuries vary significantly in jurisdictions around the world.

In this report, we have used a recently settled English claim as a case study to consider and compare what the settlement value may have been, based on the legislation and principles applied in four other jurisdictions – Hong Kong, Australia, Spain and Ireland.

A quantum comparison: assessment of damages around the world

In this quantum comparison report, we provide an overview of the approach to claims in 2023, capturing the insights from our medical negligence experts in Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Latin America, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

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