Commercial, IT and outsourcing

We understand that robust commercial contracts underpin successful businesses. We draw on practical and in-depth industry experience to deliver tailored commercial solutions across the globe.

Our experienced global team of commercial lawyers advise on a wide range of contracts and commercial agreements covering all trading activities of a business. 

You can rely on our knowledge of regulators, suppliers and customers, to help with essential aspects of business life and on any contractual matters that arise. We draft bespoke agreements and make essential revisions to anticipate issues and focusing on commercial reality - delivering an effective and enforceable set of arrangements. Detailed enough to ensure they are secure, and pragmatic enough to be workable from a day-to-day business perspective. 

Acting as your strategic partner, our legal services go beyond a transactional relationship to offer support, legal insight and market intelligence when and where our clients need it most. We work with organisations across the globe, assisting them on a domestic or international basis.

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Our services include

  • Business formation and governance documents
  • Commercial and consumer guarantees and product warranties
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Consultancy services agreements
  • Contractual exclusions, limitations of liability and indemnities
  • Credit and hire
  • Customer terms and conditions
  • Distribution, franchising and agency agreements
  • Employment related agreements and policy statements
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related clauses/requirements
  • Equipment leasing
  • Information technology and data privacy
  • Intellectual property, sponsorship and joint venture agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Sales, purchase and leasing agreements
  • Supply agreements
  • Terms of business

Our work highlights from around the world

  • Drafting and negotiation of core sponsorship, partner and pourage agreements with key patrons of a leading professional rugby club.
  • Acting for commercial joint venture entity in relation to its activities as leading wholesale and retail distributor of foreign exchange notes, including in its capacity as issuer of prepaid travel money cards.
  • Acting for international joint venture entity in relation to its activities as development manager of major redevelopment project in Whitehall.
  • Acting for distributor of broadcast and IT technology products in drafting and support in negotiating its UK and international supply and distributor agreements.
  • Advising national tour operator in relation to a review of and substantial updates to e-commerce booking terms and conditions to take account of relevant commercial, industry and regulatory issues in the context of the client’s operations (including ATOL and Package Travel Regulations). Also advising regarding data protection considerations having regard to existing and incoming regulation.
  • Advising leading national holiday supplier on branding, marketing, operational issues and regulatory responsibilities in the context of a new product launched as a joint venture between various client group subsidiaries.  Also advising regarding consumer-facing website terms and conditions, including consumer cancellation and cooling off rights; commercial provisions in context of ATOL and Package Travel


  • Assisting and supporting a major player in the recycling and circular economy industry in the renegotiation of its master agreement and all the agreements implementing it on a country-by-country basis in Europe.
  • Supporting a major operator in the ticket cancellation industry for the development of a new service and the related general and special terms and conditions.
  • Developing a cancellation insurance product for a major airline.
  • Assisting and supporting a major player in the autonomous vehicle market in negotiating its contracts with various suppliers, particularly the battery supplier.
  • Assistance and support for a motor insurance operator in the review of all its contractual documentation, particularly in its relationships with insurers (partnership agreements), but also in its subsequent relationships and contracts with assistance operators (sub-delegation contracts).
  • Reviewing contractual documentation for a a manufacturer of steel components produced by chemical and surface treatment processes, used in the space, aerospace and defence industries.


  • The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Sultanate of Oman: Reviewing and redrafting the Oman Commercial Companies Law. This involved a detailed and comprehensive review of all existing commercial companies legislations in the Sultanate of Oman and then the complete redrafting of the entire law.
  • Yitti Integrated Tourism Complex (Oman): Drafting a Concession Agreement on all sale agreements, corporate structuring arrangements and providing ongoing general corporate and commercial advice.
  • Advising on the complete restructuring of one of the world’s largest and most recognised high end jewellery brands corporate holding structure in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This included providing detailed advice on the termination of existing distributorship and agency arrangements and then the setting up of appropriate joint venture arrangements with local partners.
  • Advising the promoters/developers of two coal fired privately financed power plant projects in Mozambique including in particular the detailed advice and assistance as to the most appropriate corporate holding structure, the best jurisdictions to base such structures, tax minimisation advice, joint venture advice including the drafting and negotiating and finalising of all shareholder and joint venture arrangements.
  • Advising an international logistics group on their logistics and consulting services in the Middle East and Africa, including on sanctions issues.
  • Advising and assisting a large regional sovereign wealth fund on the setting up and implementation of an entirely new internal corporate governance regime.
  • Advising one of the world’s largest and most prominent oil field services company on the complete restructuring of their agency and sponsorship arrangements in a GCC country, including advising on the legalities and best strategies for exiting legacy agency agreements.
  • Advising one of the world’s largest and most prominent soft drink brands on commercial agency issues in a GCC country, the best approach to termination of their agreements, risk exposures and strategies for minimising those exposures.
  • Advising an E-Commerce platform on all of their distributorship arrangements, supplier deals, third party outsourcing contracts and the redrafting and restructuring of the suite of all of their commercial agreements throughout the GCC.
  • Advising a mobile phone network provider on the rolling out of their new network in a GCC country, all of their network related agreements, backbone arrangements, interconnection agreements and all related regulatory issues to enable the efficient roil out of their new network service as the first mobile service provider in the country.
  • Advising shareholders on the trade sale of a Hong Kong based managing general agent specialising in super yachts and commercial craft.
  • Advising the founder/seller of disposal of stake in various professional service companies to private equity fund for S$43 million. Also advised founder/sellers on the agreements in relation to disposal of stake in fintech company to Japanese listed company for US$40 million.
  • Preparing global data transfer agreements for clients - these agreements permit the transfer of personal data from one jurisdiction to another and incorporate the various contractual clauses required by each exporting jurisdiction.
  • Advising on the procurement of ERP planning systems for a major airline. We assisted at all stages of the procurement, including preparing RFP documentation, assessing responses and conducting negotiations with vendors at both the design and implementation stages of the project.
  • Advising a national public health agency on its electronic health records project, including the procurement of a range of hardware, software and services and the licensing and use of open-source software tools, as well as data privacy advice.
  • Advising an Australian software developer in relation to negotiating licensing and services agreements with a major customer, on the ownership and status of its international patents and trademarks, and the sale of its business to a foreign buyer.
  • Advising an international supplier of meat processing technologies on supply and licensing agreements, registering security interests in plant and equipment, disputes with customers and protecting its trade secrets and intellectual property.
  • Advising a manufacturer of recreational drones on product labelling, consumer protection laws and marketing regulations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Conducting due diligence on the acquisition of an Australian naval engineering firm by a US software company.
  • Advising a manufacturer of recreational drones on product labelling, consumer protection laws and marketing regulations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Preparing a master supply agreement for the US arm of a global products manufacturer.
  • Preparation of Asset Purchase Agreement for global food manufacturer client in connection with $21 million acquisition of UK entity.
  • Preparation of Distribution Agreement for Israeli client with respect to sale of products in US.
  • Advising Israeli Client in connection with renegotiation of terms of limited partnership agreement and commercial lease agreement relating to property in Chicago.
  • Advising US citizen regarding separation agreement with Hong Kong partnership governed by New York law.
  • Advising on the commercial lease agreement of a global food manufacturer for several UK facilities.
  • Advising global hotel chain with respect to preparation of business entity formation and governance documents for foreign use.
  • Preparation of Certification of Records for UK entity with respect to litigation in Oklahoma federal action.
  • Advising a London insurer on regulatory issues regarding self-insured retentions on Wrap Up and CCIP policies and in the drafting of trust and service agreements concerning collateral on the SIR and claim handling obligations.
  • Assisting a global health insurer with the preparation of a management agreement and claims processing agreement involving U.S. and Guernsey law.
  • Assisting US operation of a global insurer with preparation of an agreement with its investment manager and trustee.
  • Advising a Bermuda telecoms/internet company in connection with the restructuring of its business.
  • Advising a Bermuda company on the termination of a CEO and drafting a comprehensive settlement agreement.
  • Advising a fund operator in connection with the sale of a Bermuda registered investment fund, drafting a sale and purchase agreement and assisting with the preparation of regulatory filings and consent applications.
  • Advising Bermuda commercial property owners/developers in connection with the sale, purchase and leasing of their commercial properties – including drafting leases, licences and related documents and assisting with landlord/tenant disputes.
  • Drafting and amending byelaws, partnership agreements and governance charters for a large number of Bermuda companies and partnerships operations in a range of different industry sectors.
  • Reviewing outsourcing agreements for compliance with relevant Bermuda financial services regulations.
  • Drafting and reviewing IT and payroll outsourcing agreements for Bermuda regulatory and trading entities.
  • Drafting sale and purchase agreements for Bermuda M&A transactions.
  • Advised a Spanish telecom conglomerate in its entry into Chile and Peru, including the incorporation of a subsidiary, registry before telecom authorities, negotiation of operation contracts with local counterparties and registering of IP rights before the Peruvian and Chilean authorities.
  • Assisted a Dutch leasing company in structuring their loans to Colombia, Perú and Chile clients for the purchase of industrial and agrobusiness machinery.
  • Corporate consultancy throughout the region to financial and agricultural trade companies in a set of commercial matters which require regulatory expertise and drafting of corporate documents for said clients.
  • Advising an important fruit plant breeding and distribution company in Peru on the drafting of the required commercial agreements (sales and purchase agreements, debt acknowledgment and payment commitment, form of consent for the assignment of contractual position, service agreement, among others), applicable regulatory requirements in the context of the client’s operations (including environmental management instruments obligations), and most advisable course of action and defences in administrative sanctioning proceedings.
  • Preparation of aircraft lease/acquisition agreements, as well as the instruments required for the financing of such operations and compliance with such agreements.
  • Drafting and negotiation of aircraft lease/purchase and assignment of contractual position agreements for major foreign aircraft lessors.