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Claims Apprentice 2019

Supporting young talent in the insurance sector, in association with Insurance Post.

  • 60+ applicants
  • 30 shortlisted candidates
  • 6 finalists
  • 1 winner

Although Claims Apprentice 2019 has reached its conclusion and crowned the inaugural winner - congratulations to ______ ____ (no spoiler here, if you haven't yet watched the finale), a deserved winner - Kennedys remains committed to supporting and developing young talent in the insurance sector; the next generation of industry leaders.

We hope you enjoyed watching the series as much as we enjoyed helping to make it. But, if you've yet to start, you can still access all six episodes below.

Kennedys is proud to have been a key part of such a successful inaugural Claims Apprentice series, and we are looking forward to supporting the next series in early 2020.


By putting our values centre stage, we empower our people to deliver the very best work and reach their full potential. Underpinning our values is our commitment to supporting the younger generation, through initiatives such as our own apprenticeship programme, which we operate across our legal and business services teams, and also in supporting the development of young talent in organisations for which we work.

The Claims Apprentice, designed to unearth and help up-and-coming individuals working in the claims market, is an exciting initiative that resonates with these values, and in going that little bit further for our clients and the market, and one that we are delighted to be launching in partnership with Insurance Post.

This innovative six-episode video series, showcasing six young claims professionals completing tasks related to the challenges the claims market currently faces, is based on the BBC show ‘The Apprentice’. With insurance and claims deeply ingrained in every office globally, we are confident that the six finalists involved in this inaugural Claims Apprentice series will benefit from our knowledge of the market, standing them in good stead for their future career development.

Nick Thomas Square
The Claims Apprentice will provide opportunities for learning and a platform for future career development for those in the formative years of their careers; and being able to support that is something that we take very seriously at Kennedys. We are very pleased to be part of this fun and exciting initiative.

Kennedys is committed to supporting and developing the younger generation of claims professionals in the insurance industry. This initiative complements our annual involvement with the British Insurance Awards (BIA), through our continued sponsorship of the ‘Young Achiever of the Year’ award category, and reinforces our dedication to the development of the next generation of leaders in the insurance sector. This also aligns with our own award-winning Apprenticeship programme.

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Video episodes


18 April 2019

Episode 6 - the final: The sixth and final episode, where the winner of Claims Apprentice 2019 is crowned, can be viewed above. Watch as Kennedys' Senior Partner Nick Thomas individually grills each of the candidates - Dominic Dawkiw, Laura Eccles, Simerjit Kaur, Tosin Omosebi, Alex Riley and Verity Ross - and announces the deserving winner based on the interviews and the apprentices’ performances throughout the series.

11 April 2019

Episode 5: The fifth episode 'Technology and innovation' is now available, and can be viewed above. The last task of the series conducted in teams, the candidates are given two weeks to design an app, using Kennedys' KLAiM platform & presenting their innovative ideas to Partner Richard West and Head of Research and Development Karim Derrick.

4 April 2019

Episode 4: The fourth episode - 'Talent recruitment' - is now available, and can be viewed above. Watch as the two teams are tasked with devising a marketing campaign, aimed at encouraging school leavers to consider a career in insurance, that includes the use of social media and a poster/advert.

28 March 2019

Episode 3: The third episode - 'Diversity & Inclusion ' - is now available, and can be viewed above. In this episode, each team has been set the task of planning a full-day programme for a Diversity and Inclusion based event, whereby they will present their final ideas to Partner Suzanne Liversidge and Marc Reace-Coles, global diversity & inclusion manager of Lloyd’s.

26 March 2019

Episode 2: The second episode - 'The debate' - is now available, and can be viewed above. In this episode, the two teams are set the first challenge by Kennedys' Senior Partner Nick Thomas, and participate in a live debate focusing on a topic key to the insurance sector.

19 March 2019

Episode 1: The opening episode - 'Meet the teams' - is now available to view above. In this episode we meet the six candidates who will be vying to be crowned Claims Apprentice 2019 and find out more about them, their aspirations for the competition and the team names they decide on.

14 February 2019

The first few days of filming have been completed around Kennedys' London office where we've welcomed a guest judge from Inclusion@Lloyd's, and the six finalists have met Kennedys' own Alan Sugar, Senior Partner Nick Thomas.  See pictures on our TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

1 February 2019

After short-listing 30 talented candidates for interview, we are pleased to announce the six successful claims professionals have been selected for the first series of Claims Apprentice: Dominic Dawkiw from RSA, Laura Eccles from Ecclesiastical, Simerjit Kaur from Allianz Insurance, Tosin Omosebi from QBE, Alex Riley from Zurich Insurance and Verity Ross from Zurich Insurance.  Find out more about the candidates here.

8 - 10 January 2019

Interviews of shortlisted applicants from around the UK took place in our offices in London and Manchester to find the six finalists who will compete to be Claims Apprentice 2019.  Watch our short video above to hear from Jonathan Swift, Content Director at Insurance Post and Ben Gilbey, HR Advisor at Kennedys on the interview process and candidates.

3 January 2019

Find out more about a career in claims and significant influences in this Q&A with Nick Thomas, Senior Partner at Kennedys, who will be taking on the role of Alan Sugar to help decide the eventual winner of the Claims Apprentice 2019.

17 December 2018

Applications have now closed for the Claims Apprentice 2019, and interviews will take place in our London and Manchester offices, and via Skype, in January to select the final six candidates.

November 2018

Applications open for Claims Apprentice 2019 candidates.

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