Claims Apprentice 2023 Episode 3 – Travel Claims: Fact or Fiction

The third episode of the fourth series of Claims Apprentice, in association with Insurance Post, has launched and is now available to view below.

In this episode teams Aspire and Connect take part in an insurance-related gameshow, based on the classic TV show ‘Call My Bluff’. The two teams are given a set of genuine claims, and then have to come up with their own believable – but false – ones too. Over three rounds, the team that spots the most fictional claims will win the game.

Claire Mulligan New Square Websitejpg
I’m astonished at what people do when they go on holiday. Or what they say they do.

Alongside Kennedys partner, and UK liability defence and travel team practice head, Claire Mulligan, who the six candidates will be aiming to impress, is a trusted team of advisers who have mentored the teams and will aide her in ultimately reaching a decision on this year’s winner. For this task, they are Claire’s travel team colleagues Senior Associate Madeleine Bertrand and Associate Michael Seggie.

Madeleine and Michael each draw the team that they will be tasked with helping. Then, working with their mentors, the teams only have an hour to get their stories straight and work out their strategies before entering the bright lights of the studio.

Which team will be best at calling the opposition’s bluff and telling believable but made-up stories? Watch episode three to find out.

Claims Apprentice, which is designed to unearth, showcase and help young talent working in the claims market, was a new initiative in 2019 and, following the success of that inaugural series, and the follow-ups in 2020 and 2022 is back again this year. Kennedys is very pleased to be supporting this initiative once again.

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Claims Apprentice 2023: Episode 3 – Travel Claims: Fact or Fiction