Fostering innovation in insurance: exploring the potential of insurtech

The insurance industry is at a pivotal moment, with the need to embrace innovation being clear. Our latest global report explores industry viewpoints, alongside insights from our global partners and a consumer survey, to understand how innovation is being fostered across the insurance industry, in both emerging and mature markets.


Fostering innovation in insurance: exploring the potential of insurtech

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Data Reflection

The last decade has seen technological growth and change across all sectors, and the insurance sector is experiencing its own rapid evolution. The shape this evolution takes, can only be decided by individual insurance businesses re-aligning their strategic priorities to create their own innovative solutions.

Looking forward, the insurance ecosystem will be re-shaped and innovation will be vital to securing success; transforming the claims handling and the underwriting process.

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The challenge that insurers have in the innovation space is vast friction in their businesses around process, rising from long term growth, legacy systems and consolidation.

Fostering innovation

Our fostering innovation campaign explores how innovation can secure the future of the insurance industry.

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