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Industry and government engagement

Engaging with governments and regulators is an important way to harness different perspectives on business critical issues that affect our clients.

Industry consultations

Quality evidence is a priority for informed and balanced policy making by the UK government, regulators, and other industry bodies. We respond to consultations that are of strategic importance to our clients, ensuring that their interests are represented as policy is being shaped across key topics including sustainability, automated vehicles, dispute resolution, innovation, data privacy and insurance fraud.

Policy landscape

To effectively influence government or regulatory policy, we closely monitor regulatory and legislative initiatives to assess their impact, prioritise issues and develop leading advocacy strategies. Early conversations around the fast-evolving regulatory landscape allow us to inform the policy debate and identify where we can comment on relevant draft legislation and regulations that may impact the insurance industry. 

As a firm, we are politically independent and do not take a political position.

Latest insights

Trends and future risks

In our forecast reports, we offer insight into legal and regulatory change as well as hot topics to watch, providing practical commentary based on our sector knowledge to corporates and insurers.

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