Meet Joe Knight, Digital Executive, London

We asked Joe Knight to give some insight into his previous role as a Marketing Apprentice in our London office and to give an idea of what it’s like working for a global law firm. Joe has now completed his apprenticeship and works in the marketing and communications team.

For more insight into what a typical day in the life looks like working at Kennedys, visit our life at Kennedys page.


What team are you a part of at Kennedys?

I work in the marketing team, as part of business services.

How did you start your career?

I started my apprenticeship straight out of school, after completing my A-Levels.

What did you like most about your apprenticeship?

I enjoyed the aspect of being able to complete my qualification while working/learning on the job. This meant that, once my apprenticeship was completed, I was able to start working full time at Kennedys while already being a part of the team.

What are your biggest achievements so far?

My main achievement so far has been achieving a distinction in my apprenticeship, from being able to balance my learning with my work. I also feel I have rapidly progressed in the team, instantly going from team introductions to playing a key part in firm wide projects.

What is the environment like at Kennedys?

Kennedys has a very professional environment, at the same time as being a very casual place to work. Everyone is extremely friendly and able to get on with anyone, regardless of what department you work in. Since joining, Kennedys has taken many steps forward into providing a suitable and admirable workplace for employees.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start an apprenticeship?

I was set on going to university to study psychology. The more I heard of apprenticeships the more I started to explore the different types of work I could go into. I hadn’t thought of working in a business services department until I saw the opportunity at Kennedys. I can safely say that expanding my options, applying for the role at Kennedys and undertaking an apprenticeship was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

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