Meet Claudia Lynch, Associate, Melbourne

We asked Claudia Lynch to provide some insight into her role as an associate in our Melbourne office.

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Why did you join the insurance division and your team in particular?

I get to work on a wide range of matters in both our commercial and insurance practice areas. I was drawn to my team due to the opportunities provided to gain litigation experience and to work collaboratively with a strong team of seniors who have offered exceptional guidance and mentorship.

What challenges do you face working within the team?

My team work on fast paced matters and you need to be orgabised to keep up with how quickly the proceeding moves. Whilst this can be challenging, it's also what I love the most about my team and makes our work rewarding.

What is interesting about working in the team at an insurance law firm?

Unlike most other practice areas, insurance is something everyone in our lives deals with and insurance law issues regularly arise in other areas of law. It has become an incredibly helpful area of knowledge to have even for lawyers who don't work in the insurance practice areas.

What advice would you give someone interested in specialising in your area?

Take up as many opportunities presented in your early years and push to challenge yourself further than you think your capable of. See every task you do as a chance to challenge yourself and push to grow as a lawyer.

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