Hong Kong Medical Law Brief - December 2022 edition

Social media has become a powerful communication platform which enables the communication and distribution of information across the globe. However, its use also presents a number of risks. In this special edition, we consider the importance of regulation when social media is used in the healthcare context. In doing so, we consider the recent changes to the Code of Professional Conduct by the Medical Council which came into effect in October 2022 and the impact of changes relating to doctors’ dissemination of professional service information to the public and patients in social media and other media and share our observations.

We also provide an overview of a recent High Court decision, in which the Judge dismissed the defendants’ application seeking discovery in connection with the plaintiff’s loss of earnings as a medical practitioner, and the interrogatories served regarding the plaintiff’s earnings and other fees received as a director.

We hope you enjoy reading this special edition of the Medical Law Brief.

Wishing you all a Healthy and Merry Christmas!

Christine Tsang and Sandy Cho


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