Hayley is an senior associate in Kennedys’ Perth office. She is a Chartered Legal Executive who trained with a Lincolnshire firm originally specialising in claimant work before relocating to Edinburgh and moving on to defender work in 2011.

She has over 16 years of combined experience in English and Scottish law.

Hayley has undertaken a wide range of defence work to include public liability, occupiers liability, employers liability and all areas of road traffic work and her claimant experience enhances her ability to anticipate and address arguments on behalf of both parties.

Hayley currently specialises in motor work. She supervises the Scottish volume team and has extensive experience in personal injury and credit hire claims.

She has a keen focus and passion for credit hire claims regularly securing significant discounts for clients and challenging all areas relating to validity, enforceability, intervention, impecuniosity, hire periods and rate of hire.

She also has a keen interest in fraud and negotiating and arguing legal costs.

Work highlights

  • Secured abandonment of a substantial vehicle damage and personal injury claim following successful research on the accident locus and arguments that the locus did not support the claimant’s version of events. Savings £20,000.
  • Successfully secured a £30,000 reduction (75%) on a credit hire claim following a strict defence on the period of hire, rate of hire (impecuniosity) and delays in authorisation of repairs. Savings £30,000.
  • Carried out extensive investigations into a pre-litigation hit and run road traffic accident involving an intoxicated pedestrian who sustained significant injuries. Advanced contributory negligence and causation arguments and successfully negotiated a pre-litigation settlement at less than 50% of the value sought. Savings £47,500.
  • Successfully argued and defended a subsequent appeal in relation to Scale of Expenses securing a restriction of the Pursuer’s costs to the Summary Cause level.