Stephanie is a senior associate in Kennedys’ Edinburgh office. Her practice focuses on insurance defence litigation of medical malpractice and personal injury actions.

Stephanie trained with the NHS Central Legal Office and qualified as a Scottish solicitor in 2015. Stephanie then spent several years working in London with the Medical Protection Society. Stephanie is dual qualified as a New York Attorney and was admitted to the New York State Bar in February 2018.

Stephanie specialises in medical malpractice and has a wide range of experience in high value and complex claims for the Scottish NHS; and GPs and private consultants throughout the UK. She has experience in the areas of misdiagnosis, delays in diagnosis and referral, and surgical complications. Stephanie has successfully litigated cases with counsel in the Scottish Sheriff Courts and Court of Session; and the English County and High Courts, and Court of Appeal. She also has advocacy experience in the Scottish Sheriff Courts.


  • Qualified in Scotland in 2015
  • Admitted to New York State Bar in 2018.

Work highlights

  • Abandonment/discontinuance with expenses/costs of an Appeal against a decision of the General Optical Council.
  • A successful outcome for a dental practitioner in a regulatory complaint to the General Dental Council.
  • Successful defence at Proof /Trial of alleged medical negligence in respect of: midwives in post-natal care; misdiagnosis of myxoid liposarcoma as Baker’s cyst; and delayed diagnosis of hip fracture.
  • Successful defence resulting in abandonment/discontinuance of litigated physiotherapy claim in respect of delayed diagnosis of dural arteriovenous fistula and central cord infract; and litigated dental claim in respect of complex dental restoration and failure to heal.
  • Successful defence resulting in abandonment/discontinuance of several litigated vicarious liability claims, against dental and medical clinics.
  • Successful life expectancy argument in fatal nursing home negligence claim for loss of society awards, resulting in saving on damages of around £350,000.
  • Successful causation argument in fatal claim relating to delay in diagnosis of myocardial infarction resulting in saving on damages of around £300,000.
  • Successful argument on consent post Montgomery resulting in discontinuance the day before Proof/Trial in claim relating to cosmetic facelift procedure.
  • Successful causation argument resulting in early discontinuance of high value fatal claim relating to delayed diagnosis of bacterial endocarditis.