‘Virtual defence lawyer’ KLAiM goes global

We are pleased to announce that KLAiM, our ground-breaking virtual defence lawyer that allows clients to take more control over litigation, is being rolled out internationally and also to new lines.

KLAiM 4 is the latest version of our award-winning online litigation system designed to help clients use lawyers less.

Using the collective knowhow of hundreds of our lawyers, it allows clients to deal with litigation without needing to use a lawyer. Clients are settling in excess of 80% of their claims inside the system without the need for a lawyer at all.

The web-based platform provides built-in templates and guidance notes that navigate the user through the litigation process via a straightforward workflow, with an automated diary and traffic light system. KLAiM also auto-populates and generates all the relevant court documentation.

KLAiM is now being adapted to work across our international network including the USA, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Australia. This requires different processes, but the essence of KLAiM remains the same. In the US, for example, KLAiM Subro will help clients settle subrogated recoveries without the default resort to lawyers.

A new feature of KLAiM, in the UK, is Kollect - a tool that allows insurers to seek recoveries of their own losses direct from third parties without the need for lawyers. The system continues to evolve and has huge potential for further growth – if there is a process, it can be modelled for KLAiM, which is part of a suite of innovative online products that form our Innovations Toolkit.

Partner Richard West, Head of Innovation at Kennedys, says: “Innovations such as KLAiM are central to our core principle of helping clients to use lawyers only when they really need to.

“Although seemingly counter-intuitive for a law firm, we believe that this approach offers business benefits for both our clients and ourselves. This has helped us to continue to build relationships with our clients and to also gain additional market share; while helping all new clients to also rapidly reduce their reliance on all lawyers."

We are excited to bring our philosophy and our own technology to clients across our global network as the factors that make KLAiM so appealing in the UK – reducing legal spend and speeding up the life-cycle of claims – are just as relevant to our clients in other jurisdictions.