Kennedys’ virtual work experience programme hits 10,000 enrolments

We are delighted to announce our virtual work experience programme has hit 10,000 enrolments in just over a year.

The virtual work experience programme launched in August last year and was designed to ensure that the widest possible pool of would-be lawyers can gain a taste of legal life.

We have a proud reputation for innovation, and a commitment to making access to the law available as widely as possible, we developed the virtual programme to allow anyone anywhere to experience life at one of the world’s leading law firms.

The success of our virtual work experience programme is further demonstrated by the fact that of the 34 trainee offers made by Kennedys this year, 27 of them had fully completed the virtual programme.

Two who joined the firm in September are Manchester SQE trainee Elena Bonam and Bobby Cheung, who joined our London office to start a two-year training contract. Both feature in Q&As on our website talking of their experience of the virtual work experience programme.

Since launching the virtual work experience programme in August 2020, we have introduced an ongoing series of virtual insight events designed to give participants a greater knowledge of Kennedys together with advice on our recruitment process and application tips.

In August, we hosted our first virtual event, attended by Kennedys partners and the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion and CSR Managers who gave an insight into the firm’s global Diversity & Inclusion and CSR initiatives.

This event attracted over 350 students and was one of the largest insight events we have hosted to date. The event saw attendees from all over the world, including France, Nigeria, Hong Kong and India.

Over 200 of the attendees had either completed or are currently studying Law at university.

A student who recently attended one of the insight events said “Having attended this event I feel more confident about applying to Kennedys as it strikes me as a firm that not only cares about its culture, community and people, but also excels in its global outreach. I’m looking forward to submitting my application for a training contract in 2023 soon.”

Another student said “I had a really great time listening to the talk from the different partners at the firm - it has definitely helped with my decision on applying to Kennedys.

The virtual programme really has levelled the playing field for all applicants for work experience and to be part of the Kennedys family. It has been a fantastic way to open up access to everyone and move on from the traditional on-site work experience.

Caroline Wilson also added: "That so many of our new trainees have completed the programme is testament to its success. We are extremely proud that we have had more than 10,000 students enrol on the virtual work experience programme and look forward to welcoming many thousands more from around the world in the future.”

The programme has been integrated into law students’ coursework at both The University of Westminster and The University of Wolverhampton.

Suzanne Liversidge, Global Managing Partner, says: “The virtual work experience programme has been a fantastic success and has allowed us to welcome thousands of young people into the global Kennedys family."

Our innovative scheme has also provided us with an amazing pool of talent to work with, many of whom would not have had a chance to engage with us before this programme was created.

Suzanne also added: "Most importantly this has allowed us to help and nurture talented individuals we may never have had a chance to reach before.”