Kennedys reaffirms commitment to diversity and inclusion agenda, as a global partner of 2021 Dive In festival

For further festival information and updates, see our Dive In website hub.

We are delighted to again be a global partner of Dive In, the international festival for diversity and inclusion (D&I) in insurance and an initiative of Inclusion@Lloyd’s.

Now in its seventh year, Dive In has continued to grow in both numbers and geographic representation. Last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it presented, the festival saw an exceptional turnout with 21,000 people registering to attend 144 virtual events (and 60,000+ 'seats filled'), which were held across 60+ cities in 35 countries.

Representing every corner of the industry from the smallest brokers to the largest multi-national companies, Dive In aims to promote a different view of insurance to a variety of stakeholders within the Lloyd’s market and beyond, while engaging and educating people on how to implement positive change in the D&I space.

This year’s festival will be held from 21 – 23 September and the theme is ‘Active Allyship and Empowerment’, which aims to challenge the issue of performative allyship and calls on the insurance industry to turn intention into action.

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The concept of allyship and the role of allies in fostering truly inclusive spaces has been at the forefront of D&I conversations recently.

This theme recognises the essential need to create and empower D&I allies who take action to support underrepresented groups and take responsibility for making changes that will help others succeed. The events held will enable all attendees, particularly those in positions of privilege, to be educated, equipped and empowered to understand how they can be active allies and champions for all.

Global Festival Director and Head of Culture at Lloyd’s, Pauline Miller, said: “The virtual nature of last year’s festival allowed for a truly global perspective on diversity and inclusion. The pandemic changed the world as we know it and we were pleased that the festival could act as a platform for conversations around pertinent issues such as employee well-being and flexible working in the new normal. This year we aim to not only reflect on the learnings of 2020 but focus on making real change. The global success of last year’s festival has provided us with a strong basis to turn good intentions into equitable outcomes.”

Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Willis Towers Watson, and member of the Dive In Steering Committee, Jen Denby added: “We are delighted that Dive In will be continuing for its seventh consecutive year. 70% of people who registered last year had never attended a Dive In event previously, telling us we still have so many more people within the industry (and beyond) that we need to reach. We hope that Dive In 2021 will provide the insight and action we need across all areas of the globe to make a real impact on D&I in insurance.”

Suzanne Liversidge, Global Managing Partner at Kennedys, said: “Following the success of last year’s completely virtual Dive In festival, I’m so proud that Kennedys is once again a global partner for such a great industry initiative. Personally, I think it’s so important for us all to educate ourselves and understand what it means to be an active ally and how we can own our positions of privilege to bring attention to the experiences of underrepresented people, while also helping to elevate their voices.”

Plans for the 2021 festival are underway, and festival participants can look forward to an array of fantastic events, covering global D&I perspectives.


For further festival information and updates, see our Dive In website hub.

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