Medical law seminar: mental capacity

We are delighted to be hosting this in-person seminar, where Rob Tobin, Head of Medical Law will be joined by Alex Ruck Keene KCDr Lucy Stephenson and Princess Menkiti-Udom. During the seminar, which will be chaired by Kennedys' Partner Camilla Long, we will discuss mental capacity to make decisions about medical treatment and to litigate cases. 

Often, clinicians are faced with challenging questions around a patient’s mental capacity, particularly when it might fluctuate regularly. The overlap of mental health and physical health can lead to questions about a patient's capacity to make a particular decision and this will no doubt invite discussion during this seminar. How should capacity be determined, who should decide and what tools and tips are out there to help clinicians and patients?

Rob Tobin will walk through some of the recent Court of Protection cases our Medical Law Group have worked on, focusing on the ethical and legal challenges facing clinicians, relatives and judges around mental capacity. Our guest speakers will then share their experience and expertise in this challenging field.

This seminar is aimed at all clinicians from acute medicine, community care and primary care; people working in legal services teams for healthcare providers; members of ethics committees; hospital chaplaincy and all others interested in this fascinating topic.


Howard Building
Downing College
Regent Street