UK civil litigation timeline

Our UK civil justice timeline highlights key updates and developments, from the Whiplash Reforms to changes to the Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting (QOCS) regime, and fixed recoverable costs (FRC).

2020 onwards

15 Jul 2024

Statutory deadline for review of personal injury discount rate in England & Wales to begin

1 Jan 2024

Guideline hourly rates increase in accordance with the Services Producer Price Index

Dec 2023

Second Call for Evidence on the PIDR in England & Wales expected

17 Nov 2023

Annual Civil Justice Council National Forum event

Nov 2023

Online civil money claims pilot extended from 30 November 2021

Oct 2023

Fixed recoverable costs to be extended in England and Wales

11 Sep 2023

MoJ publishes its response to the PIDR Call for Evidence launched in January 2023

21 Aug 2023

CJC publishes its part one response on pre-action protocols

Jul 2023

MoJ confirms mediation will become compulsory for cases allocated to the small claims track valued up to £10,000

Jun 2023

Devolved administrations launch joint call for views on the PIDRs in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Summer 2023

Sir Vos, Master of the Rolls, to report on the next review of guideline hourly rates.

10 May 2023

CJC publishes its final report on its holistic costs review

6 Apr 2023

Fundamental changes to the QOCS regime for claims issued on or after this date

Apr 2023

ASHE 2022 revised data now available.

17 Jan 2023

Ministry of Justice launches Personal Injury Discount Rate Call for Evidence

15 Dec 2022

Ministry of Justice launches consultation on whether UK should become signatory to Hague Convention 2019 on recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

Nov 2022

Ministry of Justice roundtables on the personal injury discount rate in England & Wales

1 Oct 2022

The Disclosure Pilot Scheme in the Business and Property Courts becomes permanent

15 Sep 2022

Damages claims portal becomes mandatory for defendant legal representatives

26 Jul 2022

Government launches consultation on increasing the use of mediation in the civil justice system

30 Jun 2022

The Civil Justice Council (CJC) Costs Working Group launches costs consultation

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1 Jun 2022

Small Claims Paper Determination Pilot launched

4 Apr 2022

Damages claims portal becomes mandatory for all claimant solicitors with any claim for damages in the County Court

Apr 2022

Small claims limit increases from £1,000 to £1,500 for personal injury arising out of EL and PL claims

29 Mar 2022

Government responds to Dispute resolution in England and Wales: Call for Evidence

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1 Oct 2021

New guideline hourly rates come into force

6 Sep 2021

Government responds to fixed recoverable costs consultation

Aug 2021

Call for Evidence launched on the future of dispute resolution in England and Wales

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Summer 2021

Interim report on the court modernisation programme expected

30 Jun 2021

QOCS applies in Scotland

31 May 2021

Implementation of whiplash reforms and the Official Injury Claim portal

Introduction of the amended discount rate of minus 1.75% in Northern Ireland

28 May 2021

Damages claims pilot launched

6 Apr 2021

Practice Direct 57AC applies to witness statements in the Business and Property Courts

Feb 2021

Consultation on increasing the jurisdiction of County Court in Northern Ireland

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13 Jan 2021

End of cost capping pilot in Business and Property Court for cases valued £100,000 to £250,000


Oct 2019

Commencement of large scale user testing of the new ‘Whiplash Portal’

1 Oct 2019

Discount rate in Scotland will continue at minus 0.75%

2 Sep 2019

Commencement of the flexible courts hours pilot

5 Aug 2019

New discount rate of minus 0.25% in force in England and Wales.
For more information on pre-2019 discount rates updates, see our discount rate timeline.

6 Jun 2019

Consultation on extending the scope of fixed recoverable costs ends

Apr 2019

Claims management companies enter FCA regulation

28 Mar 2019

Consultation launched on extending fixed recoverable costs - horizontally and vertically to claims valued up to £100,000

19 Mar 2019

Commencement of the first review of the personal injury discount rate

7 Feb 2019

Post-implementation review of Part 2 of LASPO completed

14 Jan 2019

Capped costs pilot begins in the Business and Property Courts for cases valued between £100,000 and £250,000


20 Dec 2018

Civil Liability Act 2018 receives Royal Assent

30 Nov 2018

Commencement of virtual online hearing pilot for default judgments

28 Jun 2018

Post-implementation review of Part 2 LASPO commenced

5 Jun 2018

Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings) (Scotland) Act 2018 receives Royal Assent


12 Sep 2017

Commencement of county court online pilot for money claims up to £25,000

31 Jul 2017

Commencement of online county court pilot for money claims up to £10,000

31 Jul 2017

Publication of Jackson’s Supplemental Report on Fixed Recoverable Costs


27 Jul 2016

Publication of the Briggs Report: Civil Courts Structure Review


31 Jul 2013

Horizontal and vertical extension of the Claims Portal to include RTA claims and EL and PL claims between £1,000 and £25,000


1 May 2012

Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO) 2012 receives Royal Assent


Apr 2010

Claims Portal for RTA motor personal injury claims valued between £1,000 and £10,000 introduced

14 Jan 2010

Publication of Lord Jackson’s Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Final Report