Meet Jasmine Alefounder, Assistant Financial Accountant, London

Jasmine Alefounder, an Assistant Financial Accountant, based in London, was recently named a finalist at the Totum Rising Star Awards 2024. Jasmine has been here at Kennedys since 2012, when she joined the firm as a Trainee Revenue Assistant. Since joining Jasmine has focused on building her career in finance and developing her knowledge within the Finance field with the use of Kennedys Learning & Development opportunities and her ambition combined. We spoke to Jasmine about why she chose to pursue a career in finance and what she’s looking to achieve in 2024.

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How did you come to work in finance and what is the best thing about your job?

Ironically when I was at younger I always said I didn’t want a job that involved sitting at a desk or working with numbers, but then I applied for a job at a growing global law firm and I quickly realised this was something I wanted to pursue a career in. I love problem solving taking on new challenges and I frequently get the chance to do both of those things in my current role.

How has Kennedys supported your career and development? 

I am very fortunate to have had great mentors since I first joined Kennedys, who have always encouraged my ambition by allowing me opportunities to increase my knowledge and experience within a number of finance roles. As well as that valuable technical experience, I have also utilised a number of the personal skills courses offered by Kennedys, to ensure that I continue to be resilient and motivated for everything that I take on.

What goals are you looking to achieve in 2024?

I’m keen to continue expanding my accounting knowledge, through opportunities within my role as well as progressing with my CIMA qualification.

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