Daniel has over 18 years’ experience in dealing with all areas of costs litigation, costs management and strategy.  Such work includes acting on behalf of the government legal department,  international medical device manufacturers as well as traditional insurers.

Within Daniel’s broad case load, he deals with high value commercial and personal injury costs claims, costs arising from challenges to national and local government policy, group litigation and costs management processes.

As part of all his areas of work, Daniel looks to provide innovative solutions to his client’s problems, working with them to provide wide ranging solutions to common issues.

Daniel regularly undertakes client training and presentations, as well as being involved in lobbying in respect of the amendments made to rules in relation to Qualified One Way Costs Shifting, and the extension of fixed recoverable costs.

Work highlights

  • Success in the High Court as to when a Trial had commenced, for the purposes of the applicable success fee in a high value RTA claim – James -v- Ireland EWHC 1259 (QB
  • Reduction in claims for costs of over 45% in a multi-million pound claim for a catastrophic injury arising from an accident on the Orient Express, running the claim personally to Detailed Assessment in the Senior Court Costs Office;
  • Successful recovery of Defendant costs in a “QOCS” applicable case due to the Court’s previous award of an interim payment;
  • Reductions of over 50% in a “common costs” assessment arising from group litigation.
  • Ongoing (10 years plus) engagement in an advanced ADR scheme in group litigation, which has seen average reductions of over 45% in costs settled against costs claimed
  • E v V – International Arbitration Proceedings (India). Dealing with Costs Recovery of £10,500,000.00.