Karim is Product and Innovation Director at Kennedys IQ, our new technology driven company, wholly owned by Kennedys, that provides innovative solutions for insurance companies and large corporates to help them manage claims efficiently.

Prior to his new role, as the leader of Kennedys’ global R&D team, Karim led the development of the Kennedys Toolkit. Our Toolkit gave our clients the potential to handle more of the claims journey themselves, so they are able to use lawyers less.

With the launch of Kennedys IQ, Karim and his team will continue to focus on the development of innovative new tools, that combine human and machine intelligence, to help support our clients through the claims journey.

Bringing together a team of lawyers, data scientists, analysts and claims experts has helped Karim and his team to win several legal/tech and innovation awards for the tools that they have produced for our clients. He is part of the team responsible for winning the ‘FT Innovative Lawyers 2019: Innovation in the business of law – new products and services’ award.

His proudest moment at Kennedys is leading the recent consortium - made up of Kennedys, a major global corporate client, a data science business and a university - that won a government grant to develop an AI claims handler . This was a first for Kennedys and a situation without precedent in the industry.

Karim regularly contributes and is invited to write articles for industry publications around the topics of insurtech, innovation and technology trends. And is regularly invited to speak at conferences around the world.