Muhammad Merali - Day in the life

Litigation Assistant, London

Muhammad is a Litigation Assistant in our London office, currently working within our Professional Liability team.

Muhammed Merali Square
My time quickly fills up with study and work tasks. The day is jam packed with plenty to do.


I wake up early and get ready to leave for the office around 7:30am. After either a brisk walk or, if I’m on time, a ride to the station from a family member, I begin my commute into Central London by train.


After picking up breakfast from a bakery on the way, I arrive around 9am.  This allows me the extra time to make myself a coffee, check my emails and to plan how to dedicate my time for the day ahead.


I touch base with members of my team and make a start on tasks which usually revolve around legal research, reviewing and managing documents, liaising with different parties and on occasion, making trips to counsel and the courts to attend meeting, hearings or to drop off and file documents.  The work I am exposed to makes this enjoyable due to the ability to implement legal and practical knowledge I had learnt during my apprenticeship.


Kennedys often holds lunchtime seminars on an array of different legal and industry topics which I try to attend. Otherwise, if I’m not too busy, I make plans to go out with friends and family which work nearby or join my colleagues in the firm’s breakout area.


Upon returning from my lunch hour, I update my to-do list on tasks which still need to be done and continue on from the work I was doing in the morning.  Keeping my supervisors in the loop is essential and so, I plan meetings with those I need to discuss with should I have any queries.  It is also important that I keep up to date with the firms training modules which include the SRA annual legal updates. If I have completed all my tasks, I will send out a ‘capacity email’ to the team offering my assistance which is always well received!


My time quickly fills up with study and work tasks. The day is jam packed with plenty to do.  Managing my time is critical in ensuring I meet all my deadlines. I leave the office around 17:30pm and begin my commute home.


I eat dinner and hang out with my family.  On some nights, I play football, go to the golf driving range or meet up with some friends.  Otherwise, I use this time to catch up on some university work or read.