Morgan Rose - Day in the life

Trainee Solicitor, London

Morgan is a Trainee Solicitor in our London office, working within our property, energy and construction team.

My team is involved in a variety of different work, both globally and within the UK, so the tasks I undertake are always different.


I wake up at around 6am, go to the gym and then get myself ready to go to the office. I take the tube to work, my commute to the office usually takes about 25 minutes.


I arrive at the office, have a chat with some people in my team and then go about planning the tasks I have been assigned from an array of associates and partners. My team is involved in a variety of different work, both globally and within the UK, so the tasks I undertake are always different.


After I have identified the tasks I need to do each morning, I grab a coffee and make a start. My first task is to review a quantum schedule that has been sent in, showing a breakdown of the costs to rectify the loss that occurred.


I have been asked to carry out a research task into contractual terms for a construction project. The task is challenging but allows me to develop a greater understanding of how contract terms work within construction disputes, which will help not just in this matter, but also future cases.


I usually go for lunch with my fellow trainees. It’s a great way to spend an hour catching up and being able to find out what everyone has been getting up to in different divisions, along with seeing what everyone has planned for the evening and their weekends.


I have been invited to a seminar (which occurs bi-weekly) held by a London Chambers into the latest construction issues. I make notes throughout, which are very helpful when dealing with future issues that may occur on matters I am involved with.


We have a market meeting on a global matter that I have been involved with. Various parties attend the office and it is a great way to meet and network with different people within the insurance and construction industry. I have been tasked with taking an attendance note, which will come in handy in the coming months.


The market meeting ends, and I go back to my desk to type up the attendance note. When typing up the note, I look through previous documentation that was discussed and consider the points raised, which I will go through with an associate later on in the week.


I set off home, have some food and a shower, and start looking at consolidating my work that I have been doing on my SQE programme. This ensures that the work I am doing is up to a good standard and my knowledge is strong for my end of term exam.