Lillyanne Pidgeon - Day in the life

Claims Handling Apprentice, Taunton

Lillyanne is a Claims Handling Apprentice in our Taunton office, working with the Claims Handling team.

I have a LinkedIn account which allows me to stay up to date with legal news and I can see what is happening in the market.


I wake up around 7:00am and get ready for the day, aiming to leave around 8:15am for my commute to the office.


I like getting to the office a little early to check my emails and make a checklist of what I need to do for the day. I then grab my breakfast and a warm drink before I start working on any files and correspondence.


I usually head to the office kitchen to grab another drink and stretch my legs. I then check my emails and prioritise what I need to do before I head for lunch. For example, an email chasing a payment would be more urgent than an email with an update on a file. I mainly deal with landlord and tenant claims so a lot of the correspondence that I deal with is in relation to issuing high court proceedings, instructing enforcement officers and chasing debtors for monies.


Depending on the weather, I drive to the shops to get some lunch instead of staying at the office. I then check my social media, catch-up with some of my friends and read the news. I have a LinkedIn account which allows me to stay up to date with legal news and I can see what is happening in the market.


The first part of my afternoon usually starts by completing any admin work that I need to do. I then check my emails to make sure that I have acknowledged any of the urgent emails that I have received and that I am up to date in the inbox. I then start reviewing files. On a Friday, we have the team meeting to discuss any findings throughout the week and the plan of action for the upcoming week.


I spend the last hour of my day running an internal report which shows any upcoming deadlines that the team have and what tasks they need to complete for our clients. I then send my draft emails that I have completed throughout the day to my colleague for review to make sure that she is happy with my plan of action for my landlord and tenant files.


After work, I head to the gym. Then, after taking a shower and making some dinner, I review where I am with my studies and start to work on any assignments that need completing for my apprenticeship. I prefer working on my apprenticeship in the evenings. This is because it gives me more time than my study day alone and I can make sure that my work is to the highest standard.