Heidi Bloch - Day in the life

Partner, Copenhagen

Heidi is a Partner in our Copenhagen office. Heidi has spent her career working in litigation and joined Kennedys in January 2019. At Kennedys Heidi manages personal injury claims, with a focus on employer liability and claims relation to the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Heidi_Bloch Square
A varied workday is the norm in the Copenhagen office


My day usually starts around 6:00am. I help my husband make breakfast for the whole family including our 12 year old daughter and 14 year old son. My daughter is in the Royal Ballet School, so breakfast is always followed by helping her braiding and putting her hair up. I send the kids off to school, my husband off to his clinic and then make my way to the office.


First things first – coffee and catch up with my colleagues on ongoing cases, meetings and general chatter.


On Mondays we have an office meeting with the entire Copenhagen team where we have a general team update from each person in the team.  TheCopenhagen Partners inform of any general organizational news and the BD/Office Manager goes through business development, office management, HR, marketing, client relationship management (CRM) and events news to keep us all updated.


I go through any new incoming emails and voicemails, review my diary and get cracking on my to-do list, which is usually comprised of different types of case work both within the fields of personal injury and financial lines. I also update our business development plans and our CRM systems with my recent activities, plan next steps in order to reach our BD goals, and keep up to date on where my colleagues are on their tasks.


A varied workday is the norm in the Copenhagen office, and today I am working on a large money-laundering scandal and spend some time discussing the strategy with the Copenhagen Partner.


We are fortunate to have catered lunches in the Copenhagen office, so the whole team sits down to eat together.


After lunch, I prepare a memo for a new UK client regarding double insurance according to Danish jurisdiction.


I have a meeting with a potential new client, for which I have prepared for a long time.  Following the meeting, I take the time to review my meeting notes, brief the team on how it went and plan the next steps.


I return to the office to work on my ongoing cases and prepare an answer to the client in the large money-laundering scandal.


I ensure that I am aligned with the team, review and respond to any emails that have come through during the day and get ready for a meeting tomorrow. 


I pick up my daughter and meet with my husband at my son’s school to watch him perform in the school play ‘Peter Pan’, as a very scary crocodile.