Aneta Szczurek - Day in the life

Associate, Dublin

Aneta is an associate working in our Dublin liability team.

Aneta Szczurek Square
Kennedys offer hybrid working, which allows me the flexibility to work from home.


Kennedys offer hybrid working, which allows me the flexibility to work from home. On these days I not only hit the gym before work, but I also drop my daughter off to school.


Upon starting work, I review my emails with a cup of coffee in my hand. I prioritise my busy workload and ensure that I am on top of all deadlines – I would not be able to do this without assistance from our bespoke case management system – Kase!

I also catch up with my colleagues who work in the Dublin support and litigation assistance teams.


I get on top of the new instructions and also take this time to review papers received from clients and set up liability strategy.


I take a coffee break and head to our canteen. Sometimes I will meet one of our associates and pick their brain about the newest resolution strategy I am trying to get off the ground on one of my cases. I always appreciate honest reviews from my peers!


I am preparing to represent my country during European Championships so lunch lost a lot of its charm as more often than not I need to follow strict diet – thankfully healthy eating seems to be a trend in the Dublin office so I am able to swap healthy recipes with my colleagues.


I make settlement calls and work on the settlement strategies on cases. I also use this time to catch up with my expert witnesses and ensure they have all the documents they need.


After work I pick my daughter from the gym (yes, she is a champion as well!) and we head home to eat quick dinner before my training.