Nora Kamal - Day in the life

Senior Associate, Singapore

Nora is a Senior Associate in our Singapore office.  Nora joined Kennedys Legal Solutions as part of the joint law venture with Legal Solutions in May 2015.  Nora deals with corporate and commercial matters, including contractual disputes, employment law and matrimonial law.

I initiate a discussion with my supervising partner in relation to a potential settlement

Nora Kamal, Senior Associate

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  • Morning

    I like to begin my day with a workout so I wake up at 6.00am and head to the gym. I then grab breakfast - I truly deserve a ham and cheese croissant and coffee today after an intensive spin class - and head to the office.

  • 9:30

    I look through my emails. I respond as much as I can before the first client meeting of the day.

  • 10:00

    I receive a telephone call from a marketing agent regarding one of our property matters requesting my attendance for signing of a collective sale agreement this afternoon, as the subsidiary proprietor will be going overseas for a long period.

  • 10:15

    I usually try to tackle complex matters in the earlier part of the day so today I am drafting an application relating to child custody and access.

  • Lunch

    I prefer to bring in lunch or get my lunch delivered as the eating-places around the office get very crowded. I had chicken tacos from a Mexican restaurant today.

  • 13:30

    I head out of the office for a meeting with the subsidiary proprietor of a development that is currently undergoing the en bloc process for signing of a collective sale agreement.  Signing sessions for en bloc matters is an opportunity to meet people from all backgrounds including influential individuals and celebrities.

  • 15:00

    I have another offsite meeting with a new client intending to get a divorce.

  • 16:15

    Back at the office it’s time for a coffee break in the pantry and quick chat with some colleagues.

  • 16:30

    I initiate a discussion with a partner in relation to a potential settlement of a divorce matter at mediation and then draft advice to the client providing pros and cons of the settlement.

  • Evening

    I leave the office to meet a friend for dinner then head home. I pack my gym kit for the next day and get ready for bed.

Day in the life