Trends and future risks

Trends and future risks

In our 2022 forecast reports, we offer insight into legal and regulatory change as well as hot topics to watch, providing practical commentary based on our sector knowledge to corporates and insurers.

Risk is an ever present factor that underpins all business decisions. There are many types of categories of risk that businesses face. Some are preventable while others are external and beyond control or influence.

Honing in on external risk, we offer a series of trends reports designed to inform the design of risk-management processes.

As you and your business seek to understand the nuances of the business landscape, we offer insight into legal and regulatory change as well as the hot topics to watch, providing practical commentary based on our sector knowledge.

It is becoming increasingly vital to understand the wide variety of factors with the potential to disrupt business, as well as governments and markets. These reports demonstrate that the global risk landscape is underpinned by forms of risk that cannot be ignored. Geopolitical, economic, environmental, societal and technological risk have the power to leave their mark on all business sectors. 

Deborah Newberry, Corporate Affairs Director, London

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Featured industry report

Insurance: bracing for claims inflation

Rising inflation is a topic of increasing global concern. Similarly, excess claims inflation – that is, changes in the cost of claims beyond ordinary economic inflation - has become a priority for the insurance industry, requiring immediate consideration to ensure business resilience and adequate claims management.

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2022 forecast reports

The first in our series of reports, 2022 insurance industry forecast: trends and future risks, considers the landscape impacting insurers. The business critical issues at play include supply chain resilience, future pandemic risk, social inflation and group actions.

We also delve into insights from other sectors, including: marine, aviation and logistics; personal injury; construction; motor liability; and product safety.

2022 insurance industry forecast: trends and future risks

2021 saw the insurance industry grapple with a multitude of challenges including pandemic impacts, disruptive technology and climate related risks. Here, we explore the landscape that insurers and corporates should consider as part of their operational resilience throughout 2022.

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2022 marine, aviation and logistics forecast: trends and future risks

The marine and aviation insurance industry had a multitude of challenges to contend with in 2021, including pandemic impacts, disruptive technology and climate-related risks. Adapting to new technologies and achieving net zero will be central to the insurance agenda as 2022 progresses, as will the shifting geopolitical landscape.

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2022 personal injury forecast: trends and future risks

If 2021 was the year of the vaccine, 2022 looks set to be the year for recovery. A shifting workplace culture will continue to inform boardroom agendas in 2022, along with the long-tail impacts associated with the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis.
We provide an overview of 12 topics to watch under four main topic groups – future pandemic risks, the post-Brexit landscape, claims inflation and civil justice reform.

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The insurance industry once again finds itself again rising to the challenges presented by global risk factors, and in doing so is offering innovative solutions to help their customers along this unpredictable journey.

Nick Williams, Partner, London

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2022 construction forecast: trends and future risks

2021 proved to be a particularly challenging year for the construction industry hampered by the pandemic, Brexit and climate related risks. In spite of this, UK construction output rose 1.4% in January 2022 month-on-month, hitting its highest level since September 2019.
We provide an overview of the business critical topics for the construction sector and insurers including ESG risks, disruptive technology and supply chain impacts.

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2022 motor transport forecast: trends and future risks

The road transport landscape is changing, with disruptive technology as well as social, economic and environmental factors all influencing the direction of travel.
We provide an overview of the business critical topics for motor and transport insurers, with a focus on e-scooters and electric vehicles.

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2022 product liability and safety forecast: trends and future risks

Product innovation – highlighted by COVID-19 vaccines – continues to make headline news. As the adoption of emerging technologies gathers pace, regulation is evolving to reflect this changing environment.
We consider developments in the product safety and product liability sphere, and provide an overview of the topics and trends that are likely to impact corporates and their insurers in the months ahead.

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Inflationary factors related to the cost of living crisis, supply chain disruption and regulatory demands are all testing business resilience. Harnessing the potential that technology can provide is paramount to the success of any organisation as they strive to evolve and to succeed in the current, uncertain world.

Richard West, Partner, London

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Corporates cannot ignore the evolution and disruption taking place within the business environment. They need to consider potential future risks across all areas including the environment, diversity, technology and governance to ensure they can withstand the increasing demands presented by regulators and consumers.

Ben Aram, Partner, London

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