Claims Apprentice 2022: Episode 5 – ESG Challenge (part 2)

The fifth episode of the third series of Claims Apprentice, in association with Insurance Post, launched today and is now available to view below.

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In this episode – the follow-on and conclusion to last week’s episode 4 -  teams Build and Unite, having been challenged to devise a ‘sustainable claims’ solution, relating to an insurance company’s wider ESG agenda/strategy, have the short videos and supporting leaflets that they have produced presented at the Insurance Post Claims Leaders’ Summit.

The delegates of the conference decide which solution they prefer, and which video and leaflet explains and sells the solution the best; with the winning team being that which receives the most ‘investment’ from them.

You’ll need to record a video. You’ll need to create a leaflet to promote your solution. And these will be presented to senior attendees at the Insurance Post Claims Leaders’ Summit.

Christopher Dunn, Partner

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Alongside Kennedys partner, and head of the firm’s marine practice, Christopher Dunn, who the six candidates will be aiming to impress, is a trusted team of advisers who have mentored the teams and will aide him in ultimately reaching a decision on this year’s winner. For this task, they are Legal Director Denise Eastlake and Corporate Affairs Director Deborah Newberry.

Deborah, mentoring team Build, and Denise, mentoring team Unite, have helped their respective teams shape their ideas into (what they hope will be) task-winning solutions; and the teams have recorded and produced their promotional videos and complementary leaflets.

Now it is up to the delegates of the Claims Leaders’ Summit to judge the results.

Each conference attendee is given ‘£500’ and asked to back either of the teams’ proposed solutions with an amount they think befits the best idea and presentation.

Which team will impress the conference attendees the most, and secure the greatest ‘investment’? Which team will secure another win to take them to 2-1 in the teams section of the competition - before the candidates sail solo for the final challenge? Watch episode five to see who ultimately wins this challenge.

Claims Apprentice, which is designed to unearth, showcase and help young talent working in the claims market, was a new initiative in 2019 and, following the success of that inaugural series, and the follow-up in 2020, is back again this year. Kennedys is very pleased to be supporting this initiative once again.

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Claims Apprentice 2022: Episode 5 – ESG Challenge (part 2)

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