Autonomous vehicles: the future of transport in the United States

  • US focus
  • 1,000 survey participants

The world is on the cusp of a transport revolution: one in which machines will increasingly take control from humans.

That shift raises fundamental concerns around public safety and where the liability rests when accidents occur. It also means a major shift in the amount of data that is collected by vehicles, and how that data is stored and used. Faced with these challenges, the views of endusers will be integral to deciding the scale and speed at which markets choose to adopt autonomous vehicle technology.

Following on from our 2019 global report, Autonomous vehiclesThe future of transport: A brave new world?, this summary report, tailored specifically for the United States (US) market, explores the views of 1,000 US end-users and their perceptions of autonomous technology, driverless vehicles, and their associated risks.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • Public attitudes toward autonomous vehicles
  • Levels of public support
  • The perceived benefits of more autonomous vehicles
  • Barriers to adoption: public concerns over further automation
  • Attitudes toward other modes of autonomous transport
  • Key recommendations

Download the report (PDF, 14.08 MB)

In an environment where vehicles are increasingly driven by data and technology, rather than by people, there needs to be a clear call-to-action on governments across the world to create modern legal frameworks.

Pasquale Pontoriero, Partner, Kennedys

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