UK legal guides

Our UK legal guides contain practical and targeted information for insurance organisations and individuals.

These guides will help you understand key issues that will be faced by claims handlers. Some give practical guidance to a claims process, such as the  EL/PL pre-action protocol. Others provide an in-depth explanation and tactical thinking about a complex area such as periodical payments.

These manuals are written by our lawyers to give you ‘at a glance’ insights on topics including:

  • EL/PL pre-action protocol
  • Catastrophic claims
  • Occupational disease
  • Medical law
  • Motor credit hire and motor prosecution
  • CRU benefits and appeals

See our full range of Kennedys UK legal guides below. You can download a preview now or contact us to request a full copy.

This third edition of our catastrophic claim guide reviews the main issues that case handlers will encounter, examines their practical implications, and draws on our experiences of dealing with similar cases. This is intended as a simple guide to the main issues that are encountered in catastrophic injury claims.

Download a preview (PDF, 1.44 MB)

This guide has been created as a practical reference guide on the key features of CRU benefits, offsetting, tactics and CRU reviews and appeals. The guide also includes explanations about features of the CRU scheme which occur commonly in practice and suggestions about how these issues can be appropriately addressed.

Download a preview (PDF, 590 KB)

Fraud is a fast moving area of claims and one that has seen recent developments in terms of legislation, civil procedure and judicial decisions. It is correct to say that defendants are as well protected as they ever have been, but more still needs to be done to make liability claims less fertile ground for fraud.

In this guide are some of the key principles required to understand and respond to fraud in liability claims.

Download a preview (PDF, 1.21 MB)

This guide covers the criminal aspects of health and safety law. Given the increasingly detailed nature of criminal investigations and the potential for large claims for defence costs, it is important to have an overview and understanding of criminal investigations and criminal court procedure.

Download a preview (PDF, 1.89 MB)

This fifth edition of our medical law guide reviews the main issues that case handlers will encounter, from consent and capacity, to inquests and judicial review in healthcare. We examine their practical implications, drawing from our experiences of dealing with similar situations.

Download a preview (PDF, 468 KB)

Credit hire claims handling is often believed to be a dark art, but it need not be. We have a long history of helping insurers, policyholders and self-insured businesses through the credit hire maze. Our guide brings together the knowledge and tactical thinking that has developed within our national credit hire team since that time.

Download a preview (PDF, 1.92 MB)

The motor prosecution guide explains the process following a motor accident involving serious injury or death, together with a description of roles and responsibilities of the agencies involved. It is a step-by-step guide to what to expect and what to do, from the scene of an accident through to criminal proceedings.

Download a preview (PDF, 1.57 MB)

This guide addresses the symptoms, causes, value and legal application of a number of diseases and conditions. It can be used as a reference guide, which provides information on a number of occupationally induced conditions, and also as a useful aide memoire for relevant case law.

Download a preview (PDF, 986 KB)

Periodical payment orders (PPOs) are no longer a mode of settlement just in high value NHS clinical negligence claims. This form of award is invariably “on the table” in most catastrophic personal injury claims. With PPOs gaining in popularity, this guide reviews the legal framework governing this form of award, sets out practical guidance for those wishing to adopt a portfolio approach to PPOs and provides an update on recent developments.

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The historical nature of most abuse claims creates, in effect, a unique type of claim which needs careful handling. This guide looks into defending these types of claims, areas of investigation, as well as general damages and compensation schemes.

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When compared to other areas of liability, the prospects of successfully defending a tour operator claim are good. This guide looks into defending these types of claims, such as the pre-action protocol, regulations and key issues.

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