Brexit timeline

The UK formally notified the European Council of its decision to withdraw from the EU on 29 March 2017. This triggered a two-year timeframe to negotiate a withdrawal agreement. Our timeline illustrates what has happened to date and how we expect the process to unfold going forward.

  • 1 Jul

    New requirements for export health certificates, phytosanitary certificates and physical checks on SPS goods at border control posts. Safety and security declarations on imports also now required

  • 30 Jun

    EU temporary equivalence decision for UK Central Counterparties ends

  • 25 Jan

     UK Parliament’s House of Lords opens inquiry into post-Brexit commercial insurance regulation

  • 1 Jan

    Hauliers must check if they need a report for inspection if arriving at the Port of Dover, Eurotunnel or Holyhead

  • Dec

    Deadline for the EU and the UK to consider options for the reciprocal liberalisation of ownership and control requirements for air carriers

    End of one-year ‘Rules of Origin’ easement for UK exporters

  • 1 Jul

    E-Commerce changes from GB to the EU commence: VAT compliance impacts for merchants selling through the online marketplace

  • 30 Jun

    Deadline for applying to the EU Settlement Scheme

    Data flows between the EU and UK through ‘data adequacy bridge’ ends

    Temporary equivalence for settlement of EU securities trades by UK CSDs ends

  • Jun

    Regulatory requirements under EU law to the import of certain meat products cease to apply to exports of meat products from GB to NI

  • 30 Apr

    Deadline for GB-based holders of existing EU REACH registrations to complete the ‘grandfathering’ process with HSE

    Temporary Data Adequacy ends unless extended until end June 2021

  • 28 Apr

    EU Parliament ratifies Brexit trade deal

  • 31 Mar

    Deadline for UK-EU discussions to establish a framework for financial services regulatory cooperation

  • 15 Mar

    EU formally launches legal action against the UK

  • 3 Mar

    UK Government unilaterally extends grace periods on exports from Britain to Ireland

  • Mar

    Grace period on providing export health certificates on food supplies from GB to NI ends

  • 19 Feb

    European Commission launches process on personal data flows to UK

  • 1 Jan

    New UK-EU relationship begins and the Northern Ireland Protocol comes into effect, bringing changes including customs procedures for UK-EU trading

    Loss of passporting rights for UK and EU firms across financial services sector

  • 31 Dec

    Transition period due to end

  • 9 Sep

    UK Government publishes Internal Market Bill

  • 30 June

    Deadline for extending the transmission period passes

  • 31 Jan

    UK leaves the EU

  • 23 Jan

    European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill becomes law

  • 19 Dec

    European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill published 

  • 12 Dec

    General Election results in Conservative Party majority

  • 28 Oct

    EU agrees to Brexit extension until 31 January 2020

  • 17-18 Oct

    European Council Summit

  • 14 Oct

    Queen's speech

  • 24-26 Aug

    G7 Summit in Biarritz, France

  • 24 Jul

    Boris Johnson takes over as UK Prime Minister

  • 10 Apr

    The UK and the EU27 agree to extend A50 until 31 October 2019

  • 23 May

    The UK votes in the European Parliament elections

  • 29 Mar

    Government loses ‘Meaningful Vote 3’

  • 21 Mar

    EU27 leaders grant short extension of A50 (to 12 April or 22 May)

  • 20 Mar

    Prime Minister writes to European Council asking to extend Article 50 until 30 June

  • 13 Mar

    Parliament votes to rule out a ‘no deal’ Brexit

  • 12 Mar

    Government loses ‘Meaningful Vote 2’ on Brexit deal

  • 15 Jan

    Government loses ‘Meaningful Vote’ on Brexit deal

  • 9-15 Jan

    Five days of Brexit debates on the EU Withdrawal Agreement

  • 13 Dec

    Special meeting of European Council reconfirms conclusions of 25 November

  • 11 Dec

    ECJ rules that UK can unilaterally revoke Article 50

  • 10 Dec

    Prime Minister delays planned meaningful vote on Brexit deal

  • 4 Dec

    Government found in contempt of Parliament over handling of Brexit legal advice

  • 25 Nov

    EU27 leaders endorse draft Brexit withdrawal agreement and approve draft political declaration on future EU-UK relations

  • 14 Nov

    Government publishes draft Brexit withdrawal agreement

  • 18 Oct

    European Council meeting with an aim to finalising the terms of withdrawal and the future EU-UK relationship

  • 30 Sep–3 Oct

    Conservative Party annual conference

  • 23-26 Sep

    Labour Party annual conference

  • 20 Sep

    EU leaders meet with Theresa May at informal summit in Austria

  • 4-13 Sep

    UK parliament returns from recess

  • Aug

    Summer recess

  • 12 Jul

    Brexit white paper on financial services

  • 26 Jun 2018

    EU (Withdrawal) Bill Royal Assent

  • End of Mar

    End of Phase 2 negotiations: UK and EU agree terms for transition/implementation period

  • Mar

    House of Lords committee stage of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill completed

  • 23 Mar

    European Council publishes new draft guidelines on the framework for future EU-UK relations

  • 14 Mar

    European Parliament publishes a resolution on concerns and priorities for the Brexit deal

  • 8 Dec

    Phase 1 negotiations conclude

  • 29 Mar

    Article 50 triggered

  • 17 Jan

    UK Prime Minister sets out ‘Plan for Britain’

  • 23 Jun

    UK referendum vote to leave EU