Annual healthcare seminar programme 2022

24/05/2022 5:30 PM

Implementing GIRFT Reports – dos and don’ts


24/05/2022 5:30 PM - 25/05/2022 6:30 PM GMT



This webinar has now taken place.

Kennedys' healthcare team are delighted to be hosting the fifth session of our annual healthcare seminar programme 2022. 

Speaker: Professor Timothy Briggs, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Professor Briggs, an orthopaedic surgeon, first conceived and developed the GIRFT programme to review elective surgery and address the variations in orthopaedics he had observed in his work. He was appointed as National Director for Clinical Quality and Efficiency for the NHS in 2015 and asked to lead and roll out his GIRFT methodology across 40 surgical and medical specialties. In January 2019, he was appointed as the National Director of Clinical Improvement for NHS England and NHS Improvement.

The session will be chaired by Ed Glasgow. For more information, please contact our events team.