22/09/2021 4:00 PM

Dive In Festival 2021 - Re-entry anxiety: How to Manage Stress About Post-Pandemic Life (US)


22/09/2021 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST


Videoflex webinar (from US)



We are very pleased to once again be a global partner of Dive in, the international festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance.

Speakers: LaShonda Griffin; Kristen Race

A year ago, we would have given just about anything to be returning to the pre-pandemic life we once knew. Now, after navigating Covid-19 stress, re-entry anxiety is real and presents a whole new set of unique challenges.

This 60-minute workshop focuses on overcoming re-entry anxiety, including mindful tools to support yourself and others.

  • Explore the neuroscience behind re-entry anxiety
  • Gain insight into the triggers and why you may be feeling so anxious now
  • Experience simple practices to help ease re-entry anxiety
  • Learn tools to supports others who are struggling to adjust to this new way of life

If you would like to ‘attend’, you must register your attendance on the Dive In Festival events portal.