04/03/2021 3:00 PM

UK and US future of occupational disease claims

We were delighted to hold our webinar on Thursday 4 March 2021 where we drew upon the knowledge of our UK and US occupational disease specialists to consider future risks for claims professionals.

During this webinar Cameron Clark, Philippa Craven and Daisy Khambatta, Partners, Kennedys discussed: 

  • Similarities and differences between occupational disease litigation in the UK and US. 
  • The different types of claims seen in both jurisdictions and the cost of these claims in relation to damages and legal costs.
  • Overview of asbestos and autoimmune diseases and new treatments including immunotherapy. 
  • High profile case review of recent claims including those arising from Johnson & Johnson talcum powder and Roundup weed killer. 
  • How the pandemic has affected the occupational disease practice and what the likely future impacts are.