11/02/2021 12:30 PM

Live launch of the fourth edition of Kennedys' claims handling guide

For over 20 years, our Claims Handling Law and Practice: A Practitioner’s Guide has been the go to resource for claims professionals enabling them to stay ahead of the issues on their desks every day.

Our live event will celebrate the launch of the latest edition, which promises to provide a comprehensive and invaluable tool for claims professionals offering practical advice on tactics and best practice, drawn from a wide pool of experts from across our liability, insurance and healthcare practices.

The expanded fourth edition introduces chapters on new and emerging key issues, including cyber, intelligence/desktop investigations and international arbitration, which will help you adapt to evolving challenges facing your people, business and customers.

Our panel, made up of some of the guide's lead authors, who will discuss the evolving claims handling approach, including:

  • How the COVID-19 and post-Brexit landscape presents a new era of opportunity and challenge for claims handling.
  • How claims teams might use and benefit from the different chapters to test or challenge the status quo and provide a tactical advantage when claims handling.
  • The rapid change in the delivery of healthcare during the pandemic with the rise of virtual consultations and 'Zoom Medicine' and the impact on claims.
  • The uniquely global nature of cyber and the rise of data subject claims following data breaches.
  • Virtual arbitrations and the Brexit anti-suit effect.
  • How ESG factors and, in particular, climate change, are impacting the D&O role with regard to new claims coming over the horizon.

If you would like to register your interest in joining the live launch event please contact our events team.