25/08/2020 2:30 PM

Field investigations in fraudulent claims webinar


25/08/2020 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM BST





We are delighted to be holding the latest in our fraud webinar series where we are exploring the fraud life cycle in insurance claims. Following on from our last webinar where we discovered the relevance of machine learning penguins to fraud detection and desktop fraud investigation techniques, we continue the investigation theme to explore the opportunities and pitfalls of field investigations.

Done well, with purpose and at the right time, field investigations will blow your case wide open and provide huge evidential value. However, the cost benefit analysis can often mean selecting the right line of enquiry at the right time is crucial. 

Our expert panel will discuss:

  • The range of field investigations available.
  • The opportunities and pitfalls each provide.
  • Their many experiences of where field investigations have unlocked the trickiest of cases, and the odd time where things did not turn out as expected. 

Our expert panel

Ben Robertson

Ben has been involved in the insurance investigation industry for 22 years having started Robertson & Co. in 1998.

Prior to taking on management roles at Robertson & Co. Ben carried out surveillance and investigations in the field for a number of years.

His current role as Managing Director involves overall management of the business alongside business development and managing client relationships.

Rob Spiegelhalter

Rob is Business Development Director at The Cotswold Group responsible for creating partnerships with new and existing clients and developing products and services.
He is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and has previously held senior leadership roles at NFU Mutual Insurance (Head of Fraud), Co-operative Insurance (Claims Manager) and in the late 00's with The Cotswold Group as Customer Services Director. He has worked in the general insurance industry for over 30 years managing counter fraud risk and claims at all levels of complexity and value and has a track record of successfully leading teams, business change and delivering results.