17/06/2020 4:00 PM

The Love Island effect - consenting for expectations vs realities

The Love Island effect - Consenting for expectations vs realities 

Kennedys' healthcare team are delighted to be holding the sixth seminar of our 2020 annual healthcare seminar programme which will be held as a webinar. 

Guest speaker: Mr Paul Baguley, Consultant Aesthetic and Plastic and Hand Surgeon at Define Cosmetic Surgery.

Mr Baguley trained in Vancouver, Canada in paediatric medicine, oncology and intensive care, before moving from Vancouver to Ontario to train in general surgery, intensive and burn care and plastic surgery. He then went on to have a fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto as a cleft lip and palate fellow.

Mr Baguley moved to the UK in 1999 where he was a fellow at St James’ University Hospital in Leeds before accepting a consultant appointment at The James Cook University in Middlesbrough. Mr Baguley took an interest in aesthetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetics with the development of one of the country’s busiest practices.

Alongside Mr Baguley’s aesthetic practice he has developed a keen interest in the medicolegal side of clinical practice and now has developed policies and practice techniques to teach and lead clinicians through self-awareness and logistical pathways in protection against litigation. 

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