30/04/2020 3:00 PM

COVID-19 and beyond: legal, regulatory and insurance implications for the life sciences industry

We are hosting a webinar that will shine a spotlight on the legal, regulatory and insurance implications of a pandemic on several aspects of the life sciences industry and how these may lead to longer term changes.

The webinar is aimed at insurance claims handlers, underwriters, start-ups, medical device, med-tech and pharmaceutical companies and in-house counsel, academics and disrupters in the industry. We will cover:

  • Vaccine development and 'fast tracking' in a pandemic: what are the insurance and regulatory implications?
  • Socio/economic impact of pandemics:
    • Disruption to productivity, business and impact on health systems
    • What opportunities might arise?
  • What risks are we willing to accept?
    • Manufacturing of medical goods by non-medical manufacturers during the COVID-19 crisis and associated risks.
    • Review of the European Commission’s recent review of the Product Liability Directive and the drive towards consumer safety and collective redress.

If you would like to register your interest in joining this webinar please contact our events team.

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