The relationship between diversity and global perspectives

Dive In 2018 - The festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is at the heart of Kennedys’ core values; being approachable, supportive, straightforward and distinctive. It’s something that is very important to us.

Promoting and sustaining a diverse and inclusive environment is essential to attracting, retaining and developing the best talent. We experienced that first hand in Singapore through our Joint Law Venture between Kennedys and Legal Solutions in 2015. We didn’t want a clash of cultures, demoralisation or a decrease in productivity, and we recognised the need to set out our shared values and beliefs from the start.

Looking back, we have been extremely lucky. We have people from all over the world, with many cultural differences, working with us who all truly embrace and celebrate how diverse we are and the core values of the firm. We are genuinely inclusive as a team, not just our lawyers, but all our staff. D&I has always played a large part of the Kennedys culture but Singapore is amongst the most ‘diverse’ offices within our global network. Our lawyers can speak approximately 15 languages between them including different Chinese dialects, English, Malay, Vietnamese, Tagalog, French, Japanese, Tamil and Hindi; and are admitted from jurisdictions across the world including across Asia, Australasia, England & Wales and New York.

A greater awareness and acceptance of diversity leads to the understanding that everyone has something to offer, something to contribute. I’m proud to be part of a firm that supports and encourages all staff, not just lawyers, to come forward with ideas and different ways of thinking. By being diverse and inclusive we believe it helps us make a difference.

This article was written for, and first published in, the 2018 Singapore Dive In festival brochure.

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