Management liability and #MeToo - a global perspective

It does not matter where you work or what you do, the recent spotlight on gender equality is having an impact on all businesses, regardless of size, nature or geographical location. The widely publicised actions of Harvey Weinstein have caused global ripples across a broad range of industries which cannot, and should not, be ignored.

In most jurisdictions, actions predicated upon inappropriate and predatory sexual behaviour towards an individual, employee, or group are not novel. However, the acknowledgement that such egregious conduct is much more prevalent than previously recognised, means that insurers are likely to see an increase in tendered claims arising out of sexual misconduct allegations, and the notifications are unlikely to be limited just to Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurers.

This report considers the global implications of the #MeToo movement on EPL and D&O insurers, with contributions from our local lawyers.

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