Insurance Act 2015: a distinctive approach

We have produced a useful resource for claims handlers, and other insurance professionals, looking to learn about the detail of the Insurance Act 2015.

Our Insurance Act booklet is available free of charge. It contains a series of flowcharts to take you through the Act in as much detail as you need. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the videos.

You can download the booklet here.

The booklet, together with the videos below, will:

  • Give you an overview of the key legislative changes.
  • Enable you to understand how the main provisions of the Act interrelate.
  • Provide a detailed road map to help you understand the Act when dealing with claims.
  • Cover the new duty of fair presentation, warranties and the new remedies, including those for fraud.


Watch our videos

Part 1 Introduction (5 minutes)
This section provides a brief overview of the act and introduces you to the booklet, that will help you put the new law into practise.

Insurance Act - Distinctive Approach: Introduction

Part 2.1 Overview of Non disclosure misrepresentation (10 minutes)
This section provides an overview of how the act deals with issues of non disclosure and misrepresentation.

Insurance Act - Distinctive Approach: Overview of Non disclosure misrepresentation

Part 2.2 Fair presentation of the risk (4 minutes)
This section covers the change brought about by the Act concerning the assessment of how insurers make a fair presentation of the risk.

Insurance Act - Distinctive Approach: Fair presentation of the risk

Part 2.3 Material circumstances (6 minutes)
This section covers how to assess what material circumstances an insurer should disclose.

Insurance Act - Distinctive Approach: Material circumstances

Part 2.4 Remedies (6 minutes)
This section covers the remedies available to an insurer who has established that there has been a breach of an insurers disclosure obligations.

Insurance Act - Distinctive Approach: Remedies

Part 3.1 Insurance Act (10 minutes)
This section provides an overview of how the Act deals with a breach of warranty.

Insurance Act - Distinctive Approach