Hong Kong Medical Law Brief - Spring 2020 edition

We often hear a healthcare professional’s greatest fear is being the subject of a complaint to their regulatory body - be it to the Medical Council, Physiotherapists Board or Nursing Council of Hong Kong. The stress of receiving and managing complaints, leading to potential disciplinary investigations and public inquiries is, unfortunately, an experience most if not all healthcare practitioners will face sometime in their careers.

In this Spring edition, we go back to the basics and make use of our practical experience to produce five fundamental rules to assist medical practitioners in the management of complaints. We also share our analysis of two Medical Council decisions, where the defendant doctors were found guilty of the charges involving practice promotion. Lastly, we provide an overview of the regulatory framework currently in place in Hong Kong to assist with preventing the further spread of COVID-19 and the key procedural requirements that these place on medical practitioners during this particularly challenging time for the profession.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of the Medical Law Brief. We also welcome your comments and suggestions for our next edition.

Christine Tsang


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