Docu-video - The future of drone regulation

Kennedys experts from around the globe discuss the future of drone regulation.

Following a consultation by the Department for Transport, the UK is considering changes to drone regulation.

In February 2019 there will be a second reading of a draft Private Members Bill before Parliament about this issue.

Although we have yet to see a draft Bill, among the suggestions from the DFT are compulsory registration for drones over a certain weight; tests for pilots; and wider police powers to enforce the new rules.

In advance of this Kennedys, in collaboration with Insurance Post, talked to insurers, brokers and MGAs about the importance of introducing regulatory standards.

Following the publication of this white paper, Insurance Post content director Jonathan Swift sat down with a number of experts from Kennedys to discuss the findings, including views on the industry’s role in shaping any changes, predictions as to what legislation might look like and possible barriers to implementing it.

We also canvassed opinions from Kennedys experts in Europe, the US and Middle East for regional perspectives on what the future holds for the evolution of drone regulation.

UPDATE: UK publishes new drone rules

After we published this video, on 30 April 2018 the UK government published new rules on drones operating within UK airspace. The major changes include universal restrictions, mandatory registration, and operator competency tests. Read our update 'UK publishes new drones rules'.

Report: Taking flight: the rising importance of drone insurance

Based on research commissioned by Insurance Post in conjunction with Kennedys.

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