Claims Apprentice 2022: Episode 3 – Marine Treasure Hunt Challenge

The third episode of the third series of Claims Apprentice, in association with Insurance Post, launched today and is now available to view below.

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In this episode teams Build and Unite are challenged to ‘hunt for treasure’ around central London, by solving riddles and questions, and acquiring items from a shopping list, as they go.

I hope you enjoyed your first task. This is your second task – the treasure hunt challenge – the task that’s closest to my heart.

Christopher Dunn, Partner and Head of Marine Practice

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Alongside Kennedys partner, and head of the firm’s marine practice, Christopher Dunn, who the six candidates will be aiming to impress, is a trusted team of advisers who have mentored the teams and will aide him in ultimately reaching a decision on this year’s winner. For this challenge that is a marine colleague of Chris Dunn's, Partner Chris Chatfield, who will be judging the task.

Chris C explains the historical significance of marine insurance to the London insurance market, and its continued relevance and importance today. He then sets the task and sends the teams on their way.

To win the challenge the teams have to answer six riddles and questions that will take them to locations in London relevant to the marine market. They have also been given a shopping list containing four items they need to acquire, with a budget of £20. The teams cannot split up and have three hours to complete the task. In terms of scoring, teams get fifteen points for every shopping list item acquired/location photographed, giving them a maximum 150 points. For every minute a team returns late they will be deducted two points; but with no points gained for being early. For every photo or item not taken/acquired a team will be deducted ten points. In the event of a tie, the first team back to Kennedys’ office wins.

Will team Unite sail away with another victory? Or will team Build navigate the task the best to draw level on 1-1? Watch episode three to find out.

Claims Apprentice, which is designed to unearth, showcase and help young talent working in the claims market, was a new initiative in 2019 and, following the success of that inaugural series, and the follow-up in 2020, is back again this year. Kennedys is very pleased to be supporting this initiative once again.

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Claims Apprentice 2022: Episode 3 – Marine Treasure Hunt Challenge

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