Claims Apprentice 2020: Episode 2 – Podcast challenge (part 1)

The second episode of the second series of Claims Apprentice, in association with Insurance Post, launched today and is now available below.

In this episode teams Empower and KDA are both challenged to plan, create, prepare and record a podcast, based on a different topical subject each. They have to put their journalistic skills to the test when they hit the streets of London’s insurance district in EC3 to interview and record members of the public for vox-pops to include in their podcasts.

The podcasts will be publicly available, and the winner will be based not only on the hits, but the amount of minutes listened.

Suzanne Liversidge, Managing Partner

Suzanne Liversidge-square.jpg (1)

Alongside Kennedys’ Global Managing Partner, Suzanne Liversidge, who the six candidates will be aiming to impress this year, is a trusted team of advisers who have mentored the teams and will aide her in ultimately reaching a decision on an eventual winner. For this task, they are Partners John Bruce and Caterina Yandell. John and Cat each draw the team that they will be tasked with mentoring, to help them shape the content of their respective podcast and ultimately record one that is both informative and entertaining.

The podcasts were uploaded to Insurance Post’s website, and the teams encouraged to promote their podcast via members’ social media networks to maximise listens, which would ultimately determine the winner. Links to the full podcasts can be found on our Claims Apprentice website hub.

Claims Apprentice, which is designed to unearth, showcase and help young talent working in the claims market, was a brand new initiative in 2019 and, following the success of the inaugural series, Kennedys is very pleased to be supporting this initiative once again.

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Claims Apprentice 2020: Episode 2 – Podcast challenge (part 1)