Claims Apprentice 2019: Episode 3 – diversity and inclusion

The third episode of the new six-part video series, Claims Apprentice, in association with Insurance Post, first aired last Thursday and can be viewed below.

In this episode the two teams are asked to come up with a full-day programme for an event that will encourage diversity and inclusion in the UK insurance sector. The two people judging the teams in this week’s challenge are Kennedys Partner Suzanne Liversidge, a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion in business, the law and insurance, and Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Lloyd’s, Marc Reace-Coles.

How they approach the task will be really fascinating for me and, actually, I'll learn from it because we're continuously learning, we're continuously - as an industry - trying to get it right and do it better.

Suzanne Liversidge, Partner

Alongside Kennedys’ Senior Partner, Nick Thomas, who the six candidates will be aiming to impress, is a trusted team of advisers who will aide him in ultimately reaching a decision on an eventual winner. In addition to Suzanne and Marc, they are Partner Richard West, HR Director Caroline Wilson, Head of Research and Development Karim Derrick and Head of Corporate and Public Affairs Deborah Newberry, all from Kennedys.

Claims Apprentice 2019 - strip (002).png

Each episode will showcase the ‘apprentices’ completing tasks related to the challenges the claims market currently faces, and is designed to help them in their future careers. In their third challenge, to be aired next week, the focus will be on talent recruitment. The two teams will be asked to create a campaign aimed at getting school leavers to consider insurance as a career, which will then be presented to Caroline and Suzanne at our London office.

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Last year we were proud to be a sponsor of the 2018 Dive in Festival, an initiative of Diversity and Inclusion at Lloyd’s, which aims to advance diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector. The festival, which has won numerous awards, was a huge success with more than 12,000 people attending in excess of 120 events in over 50 cities in 27 countries around the world. In an article that was written for the festival brochure, Suzanne highlighted that bringing your whole self to work is hugely important, especially for insurance as one of the most important economic sectors and one that can play a leading role in influencing change.

Claims Apprentice 2019: Episode 3 - diversity and inclusion